5 Steps to Date a Chinese Girl

Ever wonder how to date a Chinese girl? Check our quick tips to build your trust with a Chinese girl and enter you two into a healthy relationship. 

In an interview with Lucy, Sebastian Harris lists 51 Secrets of Dating Chinese Girls。

You may find a very good reason to date a Chinese girl, especially the leftover women in China. On this page, we will attach more importance to the language tips for you to date a Chinese girl. Read this article and leave a comment if you want to meet and date Chinese girls.

Date tips-how to date beautiful Chinese girls

A Chinese man may need an excuse to ask a girl out when they know each other within a short period. But it is well justified for non-native Chinese speakers to ask a girl out simply for Chinese learning, culture exchange or guidance in travelling tips in China. Only that Chinese girls are generally cautious. Prepare a time to build trust before you rush for a date. We also suggest you set an appointment in a public place to show your sincerity.

Step 2: Dress up for a Date

Beautiful Chinese Girls- Date Guidance

Dress is a sign of your taste. You don’t have to buy a luxurious brand or the latest ones on the market to show off, but it makes you shine if you wear all-match styles. Meanwhile, it is equally important to wear clothes that suit you and highlight your advantages. For example, a cropped jean will highlight your height as most foreigners are taller than the Chinese. Last but not least, dress neatly and simple. Never scare your Chinese girlfriend away with a sloppy dress.

Step 3: Date a Girl in a Restaurant

When you first date a Chinese girl, your considerate and generous attitudes will bait for an intimate relationship. For example, before you place the order, you may ask her what is her favourite on the menu and what she finds uncomfortable so that she feels that you respect her. Besides, In China, men usually pay for meals. Therefore, if you ask a girl to meet you in a restaurant, pay the bills. Don’t save your investment in a relationship with an equally shared meal. Girls will not like it.

ChinesePronunciation Translation
你喜欢吃什么 Nǐ xǐhuān chī shénmeWhat do you like to eat
你有什么禁忌吗?Nǐ chī dōngxī yǒu shé me jìnjì ma?Is there anything you don't like in the food?
你能吃辣吗?Nǐ néng chī là ma?Can you eat spicy food?
让我来买单吧!Ràng wǒ lái mǎidān baLet me pay the bill

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Step 4: Nicknames Make Her Feel Special

Chinese girls like to be spoiled no matter how old are their ages. The best method to please her with the lowest investment is language power. Whereas dear is commonly used to address, there’re some nicknames you will feel unreasonable but quite popular.
For example, a pig is a kind of animal with dirty looks, bad smell and lazy image. But little pig is sometimes used to make the girl feels she is little and clumsy. And she needs a man with a smarter mind who can protect her and care for her.

No.ChinesePronunciation Translation
1丫头 Yātou Girl
4小乖GuāiguāiObedient girl
5小可爱Xiǎo kě'àiLittle cute
6 小懒猪Xiǎo lǎn zhūLittle lazy pig
8小祖宗Xiǎo zǔzōngLittle ancestor
9心肝XīngānMy heart & liver

Step 5: Introduce Her to Your Friends

A good sign when your relationship feels ready is to introduce her to your friends. When you share the same social circle, she feels she is important to you. The appreciation is a sign of acceptance and security. No girls like a playboy to hide her from the world. Make her feel special when she can feel you want her to be part of your life.