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How to Apply a Study in China

The One Belt One Road initiative, alternatively called the Belt and Road initiative, was launched by the Chinese government to build a modem “SilkRoad” on land and by the sea with other nations to enhance regional connectivity and embrace a brighter economic future. The initiative proposes to bring significant opportunities to the global community- not only through the well-praised trade and financial connections, but also through cultural, infrastructural, and policy links along the designed route. Education is one crucial part of this policy that many universities offer free access to studying in China with tuition, transportation and a basic monthly allowance covered.

How to Apply a Study in China

Qualification to Apply a Study in China

Undergraduate programs: international applicants should have senior high school diplomas or an equivalent.

Master’s programs: a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent is required.

Ph.D.programs: a Master’s degree or an equivalent is required.

China has National College Entrance Examination for Chinese high school students. Although this doesn’t fit international students, some universities arrange their entrance examinations for international applicants.

The prerequisites for non-degree programs and pre-university programs vary between universities. We suggest applicants check the website of each university and contact them directly. 

Language Requirements for Applicants

The standardized test of Chinese language proficiency is called the HSK, short for the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi and translated as the Chinese Proficiency Test.

Different schools have different requirements regarding what level they desire from non-native Chinese speakers. We strongly recommend you check the information from the official website of the school to which you plan to apply. It is also advised to apply for a course from AliceChinese to pass the HSK test with confidence.


Time for Application for China Study

Chinese Government Scholarships: application opens from January to April;

Self-funded or exchange programs:  depend on a semester of intended entry and on the programs and host institutions


Scholarship & Tuition

Under the Belt and Road Initiative, numerous scholarship programs are available to sponsor international students and researchers to study and conduct research at Chinese universities. Check the links below for types of scholarships available to eligible candidates.