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2021 (6)
  • 22. June How to Apply a Study in China (Study in China)
    China’s Policy to Support Overseas Students The One Belt One Road initiative, alternatively called the Belt and Road initiative, was launched by the Chinese government to build a modem “SilkRoad” on land and by the sea with other nations to enhance regional connectivity and embrace a brighter economic future. The initiative proposes to bring significant … Archieve Post Read More »
    How to Apply a Study in China | AliceChinese
  • 29. May 5 Steps to Date a Chinese Girl (Chinese Culture)
    Ever wonder how to date a Chinese girl? Check our quick tips to build your trust with a Chinese girl and enter you two into a healthy relationship.  In an interview with Lucy, Sebastian Harris lists 51 Secrets of Dating Chinese Girls。 You may find a very good reason to date a Chinese girl, especially … Archieve Post Read More »
  • 23. May Popular Chinese Games Mahjong (Chinese Games)
    What is Chinese Games Mahjong? Mahjong is a Chinese game designed with a pile of plastic/wooden bricks. It is a game to work the brain and be active socially. The Chinese developed this game in Qing Danysty, and it is still one of China’s favourite traditional games, especially in the southern part of China. Do … Archieve Post Read More »
  • 23. May Learn Chinese(Mandarin) | Chinese Numbers (1-10) with Audio & Quiz (Chinese for Beginners)
    Chinese Numbers 1 to 10 Count Chinese Numbers with Gestures Master Chinese Numbers with Quiz Quiz-Chinese Number with Gesture Game, an interactive worksheet by alicechinese How to Practice Chinese Numbers Game Play: work in pairs, you may follow our video to play this game with your friend, or you can use anything in … Archieve Post Read More »
    Learn to count Chinese numbers with gesture games
  • 17. May Learn Mandarin Outside China? | Chinese Learning from Local & Global Teachers (Business Chinese)
    Remarkable International Cooperation to Build Chinese Course After digging into the Chinese teaching industry for years, we finally come up with the innovative idea to develop a course collaboratively built by native Chinese teachers and Second language teacher with a deeper understanding of learning the language himself. When comes to learn a foreign language, most … Archieve Post Read More »
    Sifu and his Master Class for Madarin
  • 12. May 5 Things You Must Know About Chinese Language (Business Chinese)
    No.1Will Chinese Language Replace English? With 1.4 billion native speakers, Chinese is undoubtedly the most spoken language in the world. A hot debate is “will Chinese language replace English in the near future?”    As English is the language of the computer age and international trade, it is unlikely that the Chinese language will overtake … Archieve Post Read More »