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2021 (6)
  • 22. June How to Apply a Study in China (Study in China)
    China’s Policy to Support Overseas Students The One Belt One Road initiative, alternatively called the Belt and Road initiative, was … Archieve Post Read More »
    How to Apply a Study in China | AliceChinese
  • 29. May 5 Steps to Date a Chinese Girl (Chinese Culture)
    Ever wonder how to date a Chinese girl? Check our quick tips to build your trust with a Chinese girl … Archieve Post Read More »
  • 23. May Popular Chinese Games Mahjong (Chinese Games)
    What is Chinese Games Mahjong? Mahjong is a Chinese game designed with a pile of plastic/wooden bricks. It is a … Archieve Post Read More »
  • 23. May Learn Chinese(Mandarin) | Chinese Numbers (1-10) with Audio & Quiz (Chinese for Beginners)
    Chinese Numbers 1 to 10 Count Chinese Numbers with Gestures Master Chinese Numbers with Quiz Quiz-Chinese Number with Gesture … Archieve Post Read More »
    Learn to count Chinese numbers with gesture games
  • 17. May Learn Mandarin Outside China? | Chinese Learning from Local & Global Teachers (Business Chinese)
    Remarkable International Cooperation to Build Chinese Course After digging into the Chinese teaching industry for years, we finally come up … Archieve Post Read More »
    Sifu and his Master Class for Madarin
  • 12. May 5 Things You Must Know About Chinese Language (Business Chinese)
    No.1Will Chinese Language Replace English? With 1.4 billion native speakers, Chinese is undoubtedly the most spoken language in the world. … Archieve Post Read More »