5 Things You Must Know About Chinese Language

With 1.4 billion native speakers, Chinese is undoubtedly the most spoken language in the world. A hot debate is “will Chinese language replace English in the near future?” 


As English is the language of the computer age and international trade, it is unlikely that the Chinese language will overtake English to be the Top 1 spoken language in the world. Nevertheless, the Chinese language is already globally used. If you can speak both English and Chinese, you can do business with 1/2 of people all around the world. The master of Chinese will become your competitive edge in language skills. 

What Chinese Language is most Spoken?

A high-click video slips are widely spread in Douyin(the Tiktok Chinese version). Two young men went back to the UK with their Chinese language skills to show off. But one speaks the Northern Dongbei dialect and another one speaks the Southern Sichuan dialect. They both speak perfectly dialects but they completely have no idea what the other one is talking about, impossible to reach conservation with Chinese. 


It is a video to entertain the audiences, but it reveals the reality of how linguistically diverse Chinese can be. 


Whereas Cantonese is used primarily in Hong Kong, Macau, and other overseas Chinese communities like in Malaysia and Singapore, Mandarin is the most widely used language in Chinese worldwide and the number of first-language speakers, totals 1.348 billion, according to Wikipedia: List of Languages by Total Number of Speakers. 

Why the Chinese Language is Difficult?

Chinese is list the top in The 6 Hardest Languages For English Speakers To Learn. 


As we got feedback from our students, they find Chinese difficult to learn mainly for two reasons: one is Chinese has four tones, each pronunciation has a different meaning that they will be easily get lost; second is the Chinese writing system, writing characters is the most difficult part almost for all non-native Chinese learners. 

You Must Learn Business Chinese



In recent years, we witness increasing job opportunities demanding Mandarin-speaking ability.


It is a language skill not only for a business run by Chinese owners but also for all international business. Because even you don’t plan to visit China, there is a high chance for you to do business with the Chinese.


As a shop owner in a metropolis or at the airport,  your staff will inevitably host Chinese customers, this is especially true for the capital city or cities in the Southeast area. If you sell your products online, your product in Chinese description and customer management in Chinese can bring high traffic and sales from the largest population in the world.


It is thus significant to learn this language, but most importantly, to learn Business Chinese, the language you will need to promote your sales to a higher level.

Where to Learn the Chinese Language?

We suggest you learn the language online at your own pace but follow an online organisation with an after-sale group to enhance your learning, improve your language in a community.


AliceChinese is undoubtedly the best choice for your online learning. At AliceChinese, we have native Chinese with a business background. You will learn more than the language itself, but also selling tips for a different industry. We also have a popular teacher from Malaysia with years of proven teaching experience to make your study simple and interesting.

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