1on1 Session for Personalized Study




We prepare a one-on-one course for early Chinese learners, including students interested in Chinese culture, and students have to use the language in workplaces or students want to get HSK certifications.

Our teaching goal is to provide you with a personalized, detailed and objective oriented personal course for all ages via Teams, Zoom, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp or WeChat.

Our 1:1 session offers comprehensive school services built with one goal in mind: to provide students with personalized, engaging instruction any time, any place.

Our methodology is to incorporate your actual using of Chinese into personalized programs, including but not limited to listening, quiz, entertainment and conversations into your study purpose and your level.

We are confident and passionate about providing this course. Because I am an experienced Chinese tutor, moreover, I gained rich experience while working in an international enterprise.

We will prepare the study materials based on the assessment of your level and need.



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