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We would like to recommend and keep updating some useful resources on this page for you to learn Chinese and build connections with your Chinese friends. 

Please note some of the products are affiliate products which means if you buy directly from the links on my website, I will get a small amount of referral pension from your purchase but at no extra cost of you. You then support me without spending additional money. 

I would like to invite you to join my teams for free resources to learn Chinese as well. Please feel free to contact me if you have a problem to join the Teams.  

Handbooks to Learn Chinese & Know More about China

You will have to learn more about China before migrating to China or temporarily moving to China for business/travelling. You can read articles from my website and get contact to me with questions you are curious about as much as you can, but Alice also recommend you to get all the useful information neatly organized and packaged in an easy-to-read book. Here are three that I recommend:

Handbooks to Learn Chinese & Know More about China

This user-friendly guide to the basics helps you learn how to speak Chinese quickly and easily by drawing parallels with something you already know—English.

Key features of this Chinese workbook include:

  • Real-life dialogues and situations help you to converse with confidence
  • Sentence pattern exercises and drills help to reinforce what you are learning
  • Native-speaker audio recordings enable you to pronounce Chinese vocabulary accurately
  • Interesting notes, idioms, sayings and poems introduce you to Chinese culture

Learning Mandarin Chinese Characters helps students quickly learn the essential Chinese characters that are fundamental to the language. 

Key features of this Chinese workbook include:

  • Designed for HSK Level 1 and AP exam prep
  • Learn the 178 most essential Chinese characters
  • Example sentences and over 534 vocabulary items
  • Step-by-step writing diagrams and practice boxes


Outstandingly concise book covering the broad spectrum of experience of life in Beijing. 

Bonus features of this guidebook include:

  • Downloadable Packing List: Download and print a travel packing list that will prepare you for your travels to China!
  • Recommended Travel Operators: A listing of the best local travel operators that can give you the most unique local experiences.
  • Special Discounts: Get exclusive discounts on the travel services every traveler uses.

Useful Connection Service

If you want to get free audio and movie resources from famous China Apps like QIY, QQMusic, you may need a VPN outside China, and if your traveling destination is China but you don’t want to lost your contact with your social media connections, you will need a VPN for Instagram,Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Telegram and even Gmail and Google. Alice had an experience of using several VPN services, but most of them very unstable, you may even lost your money after a sudden lost of contact with the service center after you paid annually or quarterly. But there is one, I have been using for almost two years. The service is very stable and most importantly, the service center is avaible from telegram and mails, you can easily ask them for help in case of any technical issues. 

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